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Xbox Series X Launch Date
Xbox Series X Launch Date

Xbox Series X Launch Date Leaked by SEGA

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Xbox Series X will be available on November 12, apparently, there was a miscommunication between SEGA and Microsoft and the Japanese developer confirmed the Xbox Series X launch date.

Sega reportedly announced before the Xbox Games Showcase that Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be launching in the US on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 in November 2020. Sega also confirmed that the Xbox Series X version of the RPG will “will release on day one of the console’s release date”. Microsoft has listed Yakuza: Like a Dragon in its store to be available on November 12th.

This new information is in accordance with a recent rumor about PS5 launching on November 14 in Japan, followed by a worldwide launch on November 20. If the alleged leak is to be believed the PS5  will cost $500. The information does not reveal if the price tag is for the all-digital version of PS5.

Since the reveal of the PlayStation 5 on “The Future of Gaming”, fans have wondered if the PlayStation 5 will be that much pricier than the Xbox Series X. Certainly, the lightning-fast PS5’s NVMe SSD makes assume potential buyers that Sony won’t be able to sell the console below the $500 margin. There is also the new technology inside the DualSense controller, something that will add up to the final retail price of the console.

Xbox Series X should not be expected to be a cheap console either, but it’s rumored that Project Lockhart or the Xbox Series S is expected to design with affordability as the main focus. The Series S  is rumored to be smaller, lighter with a very discrete GPU that will be able to run Series X games at 1080p. Series S will retain the same NVMe Technology that will allow the entry-level alternative to feature all the new software technologies of the next-gen Xbox.

Source: BGR

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