Xbox Scorpio’s dev kit has a FPS counter, fans demand it for the retail version too

Xbox Scorpio’s Dev Kit Features FPS Counter, Fans Demand it for the Retail Version Too

It’s understandable that developers likes the idea to monitor the frames per second of the game they are currently working, but fans loved the idea and they want the retail version of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio feature the same FPS counter.

“The kit sports a real-time clock and battery backup, as well as an OLED screen with navigation button on the front of the box and five programmable buttons,” a Gamasutra story about the development kit stated. “This seems like a small but meaningful quality-of-life improvement for devs: if you’re working with Scorpio dev kits, you should be able to set them up to display useful data like, says, frames per second, at a glance.”

Check out the dev kit down here:

“Sure, adding an OLED screen to the retail system may add a bit to the cost, but that’s what we’re here for. We want to get the best, and we want to know we got the best. That’s the whole point of Scorpio. And it’s not like other devices haven’t added OLED screens to give the user more information.”

Project Scorpio is the codename for Microsoft’s next Xbox console. It was teased at E3 2016 but we expect to hear far more about it at this year’s event in June – including its actual name. The tease was added to the Xbox press conference we suspect because Sony was soon to announce (and release) the PS4 Pro, even though Microsoft claimed it was to get developers on board.

Xbox boss, Phil Spencer said at the E3 reveal: “we’re announcing Project Scorpio today to give our developers and partners the ability to take advantage of that capability now.”

Read the full article at – Polygon.

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