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Phil Spencer Isn’t Worried About PS4 Pro Releasing Before Project Scorpio

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Phil Spencer Isn’t Worried About PS4 Pro Releasing Before Project Scorpio

Phil Spencer has already claimed that he isn’t worried about PlayStation 4 Pro releasing before Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, and he doesn’t think it’ll get in the way of sales. But in a recent interview with Japan’s Famitsu magazine, he said that although PS4 Pro “has a firm grasp of the current games market,” Microsoft wants to take its time with its upcoming system.

Spencer was asked if he thinks it’s possible to achieve  native 4K gaming  by next year. According to him, “definitely” and he’s also confident that Scorpio will be available within 2017.

Check this video down below:

“I have no worries at all. We understand that the PlayStation 4 Pro has a firm grasp of the current game market but we want to spend more time understanding the market and the ins and outs of future technology in order to create a system with a true sense of 4K gaming. We want to sit down and get to know each and every component going into the console and how we can perfect it showing the best gaming can offer.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Spencer said that one of the reasons Xbox hasn’t done well in Japan is because it offers a lineup of games that doesn’t seem to appeal to Japanese gamers. “A lot of Japanese gamers really seem to like games such as Persona 5 or Nioh,” he said, adding that it’s one of the reasons Microsoft got in touch with Japanese developers i.e. to help create games that “the average Japanese gamer will really enjoy.”

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