Xbox Responds To Xbox Live’s Problems

During the weekend some problems have annoyed Xbox Live’s users, specifically when trying to download newly acquired games.

Microsoft has given the proper support and is currently working on the fix of the problem that affects a large number of users.

We have received word from our teams that users are unable to view products listed on the Store page for Xbox One console. Our teams are looking into this and will update on and here when we have more information.

We understand some of you are also having trouble accessing purchased content and in-game content on the Xbox One. We’re actively investigating this issue and will keep you posted. For updates go to

Microsoft to Xbox Live Status website provides the latest information from the Xbox’s services, according to the status, only the “Purchase and Content Usage” is having problems at the moment. Other services should be working OK. It’s important to mention that, users are just having problems with newly acquired games, titles who are already downloaded should be working fine.

According to reports from ComicBook, reports of the nasty bug came appear first on social media at the start of the weekend.

The last update from Xbox Support confirms that the bug should now be fixed and would not disturb the experience at Xbox Live.

We just received word that users should now be able to access purchased content again. We appreciate your reports. We’re here & we’re listening.

It’s worth to mention that, an update from Xbox Support from today at 4:15am claimed that the bug was already fixed just to appear again a few hours later.

Our teams have let us know that you should now be able to download previously purchased content. Thank you for your patience. As always, we are here & listening! Jan 18, 2020 4:15am.

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