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Xbox One New Update Adds More Features to Xbox Game Pass

When it comes to hardware updates, Xbox One usually gets more updates in a period than PS4. Although it might be annoying for some players, it brings new features and functionalities to the device and its operating system through each update and this month’s update for Xbox One is focused on Xbox Game Pass and Alexa’s voice-controlled devices.

The new update for Xbox One adds a new tab to Xbox Game Pass named “Play Later” which allows you to pick the games that you want to experience in the near future through the service and access them easier whenever you want to download and play, just like a Bookmark system.

Aside from that, with the new update, you will be able to run more voice commands on Xbox One through Amazon Alexa, including commands related to Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass such as new additions. Also, the device is now supported in Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Canada.

Xbox Game Pass has recently received Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, along with five other titles as this month’s additions to the service.

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