Microsoft Adds Mouse and Keyboard Support to the Xbox One

Microsoft announced today a new way to play games on Xbox One games as they’re enabling mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One for select Xbox insiders in the coming weeks. It was also was announced by Microsoft, a partnering with Razer to deliver the best possible mouse and keyboard experience for this new functionality. With this new input support at the platform level, developers are now able to build mouse and keyboard support in their games.

Warframe will be one of the first titles testing mouse and keyboard input when the feature arrives to Insider in the coming weeks.

“We’re committed to bringing gamers more choice in what they play, who they play with and how they play. We’re also equally committed to providing developers with the best platform to create and deliver the best gaming experience on Xbox.

It’s important to note that mouse and keyboard support for games is added on a title-by-title basis, entirely at developers’ discretion. For all other titles, nothing changes.

We’ve been working closely with studios of all sizes to ensure mouse and keyboard experiences on console are fun, fair and correctly balanced, and look forward to introducing more games with support for mouse and keyboard input in the future. Tune into the November 10 edition of Inside Xbox for more details about additional titles supporting mouse and keyboard, and to learn more about our partnership with Razer.

Mouse and keyboard input is not enabled by default for games. Each development team knows their titles best and we support them in creating the right experience for their games as they see fit, to ensure an optimal and fair gaming experience. “

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