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Elite Controller Series 2 Artwork
Elite Controller Series 2 Artwork

Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 Released

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Series 2 of the famous Xbox One Elite Controller launched today, November 4, 2019, and yes, it will be compatible with Project Scarlett, as all Xbox One controllers will be compatible with the next Xbox generation.

The Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 comes with interchangeable thumbsticks and paddle shapes, and a rechargeable battery life of up to 40 hours. Moreover, the controller can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired with the USB-C cable and is compatible with Windows 10 devices.

Graeme Boyd, a social marketing manager at Xbox, tweeted about the controller’s release and confirmed in the comments that the Series 2 Elite Controller, along with all other Xbox One controllers, will be compatible with Project Scarlett. So, gamers who are iffy about the high price (USD$179.99) and worried that the controller will be obsolete when Project Scarlett launches in 2020 can rest assured that they will get plenty of use out of the device on the next Xbox console generation.

The first Elite Controller has been the primary controller of choice for competitive Xbox gamers, many of whom use the device on PC when playing their games through Xbox Play Anywhere. Gamers who use it swear by its plethora of extra buttons and its remapping capabilities, claiming that once someone upgrades to the Elite Controller, they will never be able, nor want, to go back.

The Elite Controller Series 2 can be acquired on the Microsoft Store and other retailers, such as Amazon, and comes with a carrying case; set of 6 thumbsticks: Standard (2), Classic (2), Tall (1), Wide Dome (1); set of four paddles: Medium (2), Mini (2); set of 2 D-pads: Standard, Faceted, Thumbstick-adjustment tool, Charging dock, and USB-C cable.

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