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Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass to Get Wolfenstein 2 and 7 Other Titles in May

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After revealing new titles of Games with Gold for Xbox Live subscribers, now it’s time for Xbox Game Pass owners to get their new titles announced for the next month. While the new games for Xbox Live didn’t surprise us anymore, Xbox Game Pass has got bunch of critically acclaimed titles that absolutely worth playing if you haven’t played yet.

Starting from May 2nd, Xbox Game Pass will get overwhelmingly praised first-person shooter, Wolfenstein 2, that seems to be the best offer of the service among newly added games. Along with Machine Games’ story-driven shooter, Wargroove is the other title that will be available as of May 2.

One week after the release of the two titles above, four new games will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in different genres. Surviving Mars, Tacoma and Black Desert will be added on May 9th and For The King will come the day after. It’s worth noting that all of the games above except the last one, which hasn’t released yet, have received mostly positive reviews from the media.

Finally, on May 16th, two last games of this month’s additions will be available on the service. The Surge and LEGO Batman 3 will be Microsoft’s latest titles on Xbox Game Pass to fulfill most of the popular genres in May’s update for the service.

  • May 2: Wolfenstein 2 | Wargroove
  • May 9: Tacoma | Surviving Mars | Black Desert
  • May 10: For The King
  • May 16: The Surge | LEGO Batman 3

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