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Xbox Game Pass Hosts Metal Gear Survive Along with 7 Other Titles

There is just one week left until the end of May and then entering to the month of E3 event that we are waiting for it more than everything. However, there also other things for June that we are counting down for: Watching UCL finale between Liverpool and Tottenham, playing Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled and finally getting to know the new entries to Xbox Game Pass. Well, this article goes to the last one.

Announcing via Twitter, Microsoft revealed that just like the previous months, Xbox Game Pass will get 8 new titles in April, including some FPS games, strategy titles and an upcoming adventure experience at its launch.

Starting with the biggest one, Metal Gear Survive will make its way through the service on May 23rd along with the first title in The Banner Saga franchise. While first one is a co-op based online third-person shooter that take you to a battle against zombies in the world of Hideo Kojima’s last legacy in Konami, the second title is a tactical role-playing game that got its third entry last year.

6 days later on May 29, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play Void Bastards right after its launch on Xbox One. The game offers a first-person shooter experience in a galactic chaos between so many bastards! Just the day after that, Dead by Daylight and Outer Wilds will join to the roster to first deliver a horrifying experience of getting away from a brutal killer’s hand and then leaving you alone among multiple planets to start your journey through the darkened world of Outer Wilds at its launch.

Finally, three other titles including The Banner Saga 2, Full Metal Furies and Superhot will come to Xbox Game Pass to put an end to new additions of the next 30 days on June 6. I strongly recommend you to play Superhot if you haven’t tried it out yet.

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