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Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect
Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect

Xbox E3 – Predictions vs What Fans Expect

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Every year at E3, Xbox makes promises about its first-party studios and the incredible games they are going to deliver. Now that E3 is approaching, it’s time for Xbox to dazzle its audience with brand new announcements of upcoming games and updates on previously announced games like Halo Infinite and Fable.

There are a lot of things to look forward to from Xbox this year. Each studio may have the chance to show off their newest creations to hungry Xbox fans.


343 Industries

Starting off with a studio that is confirmed to be showcased during the E3 conference, 343 Industries will be at E3 alive and well with Halo Infinite

Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect

It was just a year ago when we first encountered Halo Infinite gameplay and were taken aback by how unimpressive it appeared. The lackluster showing led to Infinite being delayed to 2021. In the past 12 months, 343 Industries has released plenty of updates showing fans how the game has evolved since that original showing. 

EXPECTATIONS: With Infinite slated for a release in Holiday 2021, we will definitely see brand new and improved gameplay from the upcoming Halo adventure along with a definitive release date.

The Coalition

The Coalition is well known for bringing the Gears series to life starting in 2015 with the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Since shipping Gears 5 in 2019 and Gears Tactics in 2020, we can only assume that Gears 6 is in the works.

The main concern is if they will be present at this year’s conference. 

Considering the release of the Hivebusters expansion in late 2020, it might be too soon to see a glimpse of the next title in the Gears franchise. 

EXPECTATIONS: It would be very surprising if The Coalition made an appearance at E3 this year unless it is for a non-Gears related title.

Double Fine Productions

It is well known that Psychonauts 2 is coming this year.

The original game recently arrived on Game Pass amongst rumors of Psychonauts 2 having a stealth release without any warning.

Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect

This is the game they have been working on for the past several years, and this will be the time where we finally learn when it will be coming to consoles.

EXPECTATIONS: At E3, Pyschonauts 2 will receive a definitive release date for 2021 and will obviously launch on Game Pass.

Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory is currently hard at work developing Hellblade 2.

The first announcement of the game came back in 2019. Since there was no release window announcement, it is likely that this title will be shown at next week’s Xbox conference.

Given that the original Hellblade looks fantastic and runs well on Series X, the need for a Series X update isn’t there.

EXPECTATIONS: A cinematic will be shown for Hellblade 2 and will end with a 2022 release date. 

The Initiative

Since The Initiative is a brand new studio that was built from the ground up, the announcement of the  Perfect Dark franchise came only a few months ago. There was no release window for the newest game in the Perfect Dark franchise, but since it was only a trailer shown at The Game Awards, this game should be fairly far away.

It makes sense for Perfect Dark to be omitted from this year’s showcase since this year seems to be a Halo-driven one. Xbox wants to really put the emphasis on Halo without much distraction from it.

EXPECTATIONS: Perfect Dark will not be shown this year at E3 but will be heavily featured at E3 2022.

Obsidian Entertainment

At last years Xbox showcase, Obsidian gave a brief glimpse of their upcoming RPG called Avowed.

Avowed received a lot of buzz following the conference and was one of the most talked about games from the showcase. 

Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect

Since it was a very short teaser trailer last year, it is most likely not coming out any time soon, but another cinematic trailer at this year’s showcase might be a possibility.

EXPECTATIONS: Very similar to Hellblade 2, Avowed will make a brief appearance at this year’s show with a longer trailer, but will not be accompanied by a release date due to it being farther out.

inXile Entertainment

The last title to be developed by inXile Entertainment was Wasteland 3 which arrived in 2020.

Wasteland 3 reviewed fairly well and would most likely be given the green light for a potential fourth entry in the franchise and wouldn’t be put on ice so the team can work on another franchise. Seeing that Wasteland 3 was released last year, it might be too soon to announce a Wasteland 4.

EXPECTATIONS: Alongside Compulsion Games, it would be a pleasant surprise to see a brand new IP being developed by this team, but it is less likely.

Mojang Studios

The Minecraft studio usually has a new update to show at the Xbox conferences, but of the number of games Xbox is planning on announcing, none of them will be from Mojang.

EXPECTATIONS: The Minecraft studio stays on the bench this year as Xbox focuses on Halo and brand new IP announcements.

Compulsion Games

From the studio that created We Happy Few, Compulsion Games has not confirmed their next game in development.

We Happy Few received decent reviews, but it would be a shocking move if this franchise received another entry in the series. 

EXPECTATIONS: Since Xbox will have a lot of new exclusive games to announce for the Series X, Compulsion Games should be the developer of one of them. 

Playground Games

Last year, Playground Games was announced as the developer of the upcoming Fable game.

Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect

Just like Avowed, this game is not going to be coming out until at least 2023. 

EXPECTATIONS: To satisfy the Fable fanbase, there will be a world trailer shown displaying a brand new world to explore. There will be no release date mentioned, but it would be fantastic to see some of the older Fable games receive a 4K update or FPS Boost patch to make those titles look even better on the Series X.

Turn 10 Studios

Last year it was revealed that Forza 7 was in development and looks incredible on the Series X.

Recently, the rumors of a fifth Forza Horizon title have sparked up with the expectations that it will be revealed at E3 and will push Forza 7 to another year.

EXPECTATIONS: Forza Horizon 5 is real and will be released this year. Forza 7 will receive an update on development alongside a 2022 debut.

Undead Labs

Undead Labs is well known for being the developers of State of Decay.

A third entry in the State of Decay series is in development and will most likely be showcased during next week’s conference. 

EXPECTATIONS: A State of Decay 3 trailer will be shown, accompanied by gameplay and a 2022 release date.


Rare has its hands full with Sea of Thieves updates, as well as its upcoming game Everwild.

Everwild was announced a few years ago. Hopefully, this year should be the year we receive more information about the title.

Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect

Giving us the story, the world, gameplay techniques and hopefully a release date, Everwild should appear next week in a big way.

EXPECTATIONS: Everwild will be shown and Xbox fans will have an understanding of what this game is and when we will be able to play it.


Arkane Studios

Unfortunately, Arkane’s next adventure, Deathloop, is currently a PlayStation exclusive and is set to release in September 2021.

EXPECTATIONS: Due to this partnership deal, Arkane will most likely not be present during the Xbox E3 conference.

Bethesda Game Studios

The biggest game that has been mentioned recently is Starfield.

Starfield has had leaked screenshots and its potential release date has been the focal point of many conversations in the gaming industry.

Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect

EXPECTATIONS: Starfield will be center stage during this year’s conference. Alongside gameplay and some details about the story, there will be a release date for Starfield announced for 2022.

iD Software

The Doom developer has just released the second part of The Ancient God’s expansion in March 2021.

Alongside the release of the current generation of consoles, it was revealed that Doom Eternal would receive a next-gen upgrade to take full advantage of the new consoles’ power.

EXPECTATIONS: There will be no major announcement made by iD Software, but there will be a release date for the upgraded version of Doom Eternal.


Even though MachineGames has been announced as the developer of the upcoming Indiana Jones title, they are currently in development of the third, and final, installment of the Wolfenstein trilogy.

Xbox E3 - Predictions vs What Fans Expect

EXPECTATIONS: Wolfenstein 3 should receive a formal announcement, a trailer, and a release date of 2021.

When it comes to Indiana Jones, there will be a development update featuring some details about the story, but we will not receive a release window since it is farther out.

Tango Gameworks

Following the same route as Arkane, Tango Gameworks is currently developing Ghostwire: Tokyo which is a PlayStation 5 exclusive set to release in October 2021.

EXPECTATIONS: Due to this partnership deal, Tango Gameworks will most likely not be present during the Xbox E3 conference.

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