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Rumor: Xbox Could Reveal Next-Gen Console at E3, Game Pass Headed To Switch?

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Rumor: Xbox Could Reveal Next-Gen Console at E3, Game Pass Headed To Switch?

According to rumors Microsoft might be planning a confirmation about their next generation systems, the project Anaconda and Lockhart.

One project is about a cheaper version of the Xbox One X, and the other is expected to be the next-generation system, it’s rumored that Xbox will share details about the console but it will be a confirmation, as they won’t reveal a release date or the price of the system.

Microsoft will not be shipping its next-gen consoles until the fall of 2020 but the company is preparing to talk more about the hardware this year at E3, 2019, according to people familiar with the company’s plans. Don’t expect to hear pricing just yet, but the company wants it to be known that they are moving full steam ahead with the upcoming Lockhart and Anaconda devices and will begin to peel back the onion on these two devices.

Last year, the company teased Halo Infinite and that title will be a launch game for the upcoming hardware. With a brand new game engine, the team behind the game is trying to make the story adapt to decisions the user makes and the game may have more RPG (role-playing game) elements than prior versions of the series.

Other rumor that it’s getting lots of attention is that there is a possibility that Nintendo and Xbox join forces to bring Xbox Game Pass to the handheld via streaming. Xbox has already stated that they want the subscription based service to be supported by all devices possible, but I would never imagined that Nintendo might be in the plans Microsoft.

Continuing this weeks rumors perhaps a more credible one is that Platinum Games’ IP Scalebound will an Nintendo Switch exclusive

Read the full article at Thurrott

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