Xbox Anaconda

Xbox Anaconda Will Be “More Advanced” Than PS5

Next generation of consoles are on the way and will reportedly be coming in 2020. Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that their next gen consoles are under development, but unlike next-gen Xbox which has received no official details so far, Sony’s PS5 got some interesting news recently, indicating the console will support VR games and PS4 games, but the most important feature of PS5 is the SSD inside the gaming machine that will allow it to perform 19 times faster than PS4. With all these incredible additions, still most of the insiders claim that Xbox Anaconda will be more powerful than PS5.

According to a tweet by Ainsley Bowden, editor in chief at Seasoned Gaming, although PS5’s hardware was beyond expectations, still multiple insiders confirm that Xbox Anaconda will be more advanced.

Bowden tried to confirm his claim in response to a user by pointing to the reliable sources that he got these information from. Of course its not surprising for this to be true, as Microsoft holds the most powerful console in this generation and it seems possible to do this for the upcoming era too. It’s also has been leaked that Microsoft is developing two next gen consoles, with Xbox Anaconda being the most powerful and obviously the most expansive gaming platform of the generation and Xbox Lockhart being the cheaper model for those who are looking for a fair experience during the 9th generation.

Along with Bowden, another famous Xbox insider, Klobrille, has also claimed that Xbox Anaconda will be “clearly better performing device” among the upcoming consoles for next gen.

Xbox didn’t started current-gen successfully but they tried to create a better roadmap for the future and now it seems Microsoft has more to show about the future of gaming industry in its show at E3 2019.

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