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Wreckfest Will Be Hitting PS4 and Xbox One Later in August

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Racing games mostly advice you to pick-up a fast car and use your driving skills to beat every opponent on the track with doing no harm to them unless you love the penalties. But for Wreckfest, things are totally different. In Wreckfest, there is only one rule: who reaches the finish line first is the winner, no matter how he/she has done it.

Bugbear’s creative racing title released as an early access title on Steam at first, but it managed to launch as a full game in 2018 on PC with the promise of a console launch coming in the future. Today, the team behind Wreckfest announced with a trailer that the so-called “future” is August 27th and the target consoles are PS4 and Xbox One. Here you can check out the trailer:

Wreckfest features different types of crash-based races with multiple classes of cars from muscle cars to harvester machine. Your first goal in every match is to survive from the damages that you take from your opponents throughout the race. Thanks to game’s great details in destructibility of cars and their well-simulated physics, crashing cars in Wreckfest and winning in dirty ways entertaining enough to make it one of unique racing titles of the current generation available on stores. The game features different modes and multiple tracks to bring an enjoyable experience without getting tedious anytime soon.

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