For those who are looking for some realistic challenges in first-person shooter titles, World War 3 is going to be a good one to play, especially if you get the chance to play it for free for a limited time and decide whether it fits into your desired gameplay style or not.

Revealed by The Farm 51, World War 3 will be available for free from June 20 to June 23rd on Steam. The game features multiplayer battles between the real countries of the world under the name of World War 3. During this modern military combat, you will go through challenges like realistic health system, having no hints on aiming and shooting and some other unique features that you cannot find in every first person shooter these days.

During this free weekend, players will experience the game’s combats in Polyarny map, which has specifically improved for the upcoming free access to deliver the most polished experience for those who intend to try it out. Here you can check out the new teaser for the game:

World War 3 is available for PC now and it’s still in Early Access phase. With the 40% discount on the price, it’s a good opportunity to add the game on your Steam library if you have any plans for it.

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