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World War 3
World War 3

World War 3 Now Available on Steam Early Access

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World War 3 Now Available on Steam Early Access

World War 3 is now available in Early Access on Steam starting today, at 07:00 PM CEST.

World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Join the fight in massive infantry battles, gain advantage over the enemy with personalized weapons, vehicles and drones. Experience true tactical combat in the global struggle where every battle counts.

Check this trailer down below:

Here is a message from the developers:

“Today, at 07:00 PM CEST we count on your supporting fire on the World War 3 front lines, where hand in hand we shall march into the battle. Get ready to experience true modern battlefield. We would like to once more thank all of our fans for their support during development! Thanks to you, World War 3 is now available in Early Access on Steam!

Our journey has just begun and we hope that our community will help us improve with their crucial feedback. We strongly believe that your input is invaluable to make World War 3 the game you always wanted to play!

Strong, tactical teamplay, national armed forces, real locations and a versatile customization system all contribute to the authenticity of the modern combat experience enhanced by other essential elements such as a robust ballistic system, advanced armors and real-life weapons.

Once more please accept our heartfelt thanks. See you in the battle! At ease!”


Modern Battlefield Experience
World War 3 presents a modern conflict with tactics, techniques and procedures inspired by true combat engagements. All of this packed into two exciting game modes. Warzone offers opportunities for dynamic, intense firefights in teamwork-focused battles of infantry and armored units over fortified points. The tactically-oriented Recon allows players to cooperate within small reconnaissance squads left on their own to survive and capture high-value targets in hostile territory. Together these modes create a coherent gameplay experience aimed at presenting the actual feel of modern warfare.

Real Life Locations
We are proud to give you one of the most realistic levels in the history of FPS. Join the battle on the streets of Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow. Take advantage of the urban environment to surprise enemy forces and dominate the battlefield.

Versatile Customization
Find your own unique combat set fitted to your needs and style without being bound by classes or roles. Choose from hundreds of combinations of unique weapon parts, attachments, skins, camos and paints. Same rules apply to vehicles, tactical gear and uniforms. If it’s possible in real life, it’s possible in World War 3 – simple as that!

Full Press Release – Source

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