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World War 3
World War 3

World War 3 Gets New Maps and Weapons via Its Latest Patch

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When it comes to multiplayer first-person shooter titles, Call of Duty and Battlefield might be an option for everyone who looks for hours of drowning within a competitive battleground with high value of replay. However, if you are a veteran in FPS genre, having the same experience every year wouldn’t satisfy you, unless you get something new that delivers you bunch of brand new realistic mechanics and features that implies a more accurate feeling of being in a war. That’s what you can get with World War 3 that is on Early Access phase right now but the new update will bring interesting additions to it.

According to the latest trailer for World War 3, Farm 51 studio will be bringing further contents and improvements to the game with the release of update 0.6, which will add two new maps, four new vehicles, bunch of cosmetic items and two new weapons to the game. Along with these contents, World War 3 will also receive performance improvements to run better than what you used to see recently.

In World War 3 players are fighting against each other in a team-based gameplay to cry out “Victory” after end of each round. The game features some challenging mechanics to deliver more realistic experience of modern battles in the arena.

World War 3 is now available on Steam as Early Access title and you can buy it with 40% off right now if you have any intention to add it to your Steam Library.

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