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world of warcraft classic gates of ahn qiraj
world of warcraft classic gates of ahn qiraj

World of Warcraft Gates Of Ahn’Qiraj Event Next Month

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World of Warcraft Classic is bringing back the classic Gates Of Ahn’Qiraj event late next month on July 28 during the weekly raid reset. A new quest chain will be made available in this update. The date was announced by a community manager on Blizzard’s forums, the member said that update 1.13.5 will come with a quest to craft the Scepter of Shifting Sands. Players for both Alliance and Horde members will be able to contribute resources to the Ahn’Qiraj war, and once both goals have been completed on a realm, it will open the gates.

Here is a full list of resources needed to be gathered to open the gates (from the original event taken from WoWpedia)

Both factions need to gather:

  • 90,000 x[Copper Bar] (1 Signet)
  • 26,000 x [Purple Lotus] (7 Signets)
  • 80,000 x [Thick Leather] (7 Signets)
  • 17,000 x  [Spotted Yellowtail] (7 Signets)
  • 400,000 x  [Runecloth Bandage] (10 Signets)

The Alliance needs to gather in the Military Ward of Ironforge:

  • 28,000 x  [Iron Bar] (5 Signets)
  • 24,000 x  [Thorium Bar] (10 Signets)
  • 20,000 x  [Arthas’ Tears] (10 Signets)
  • 33,000 x  [Stranglekelp] (3 Signets)
  • 180,000 x  [Light Leather] (1 Signet)
  • 110,000 x  [Medium Leather] (3 Signets)
  • 20,000 x  [Roast Raptor] (5 Signets)
  • 14,000 x  [Rainbow Fin Albacore] (3 Signets)
  • 800,000 x  [Linen Bandage] (1 Signet)
  • 600,000 x  [Silk Bandage] (5 Signets)

The Horde needs to gather in The Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar:

  • 22,000 x  [Tin Bar] (3 Signets)
  • 18,000 x  [Mithril Bar] (7 Signets)
  • 96,000 x  [Peacebloom] (1 Signet)
  • 19,000 x  [Firebloom] (5 Signets)
  • 60,000 x  [Heavy Leather] (5 Signets)
  • 60,000 x  [Rugged Leather] (10 Signets)
  • 10,000 x  [Lean Wolf Steak] (1 Signets)
  • 10,000 x  [Baked Salmon] (10 Signets)
  • 250,000 x  [Wool Bandage] (3 Signets)
  • 250,000 x  [Mageweave Bandage] (7 Signets)

This event was first introduced in 2006, and allowed raids on the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj and Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj. The original event also included a collection of elite quest chains and a war sequence. The gates became permanently closed in 2009 and the quests were taken off the game in the Cataclysm expansion.

No official details have been announced yet for the event, but fans can look forward to updates regarding World of Warcraft Classic from Blizzard soon.

Source: GameSpot

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