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Overwatch artwork
Overwatch artwork

Winter Wonderland 2019 Starts Today for Overwatch

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The Winter Wonderland event for Overwatch is here, running from December 10, 2019 through January 2, 2020. It has returned with all of the items and games from previous years, but it has some new stuff as well to help keep the excitement flowing this holiday season.

The most notable new additions in the Overwatch event are the skins. The first one that has already been seen thanks to its showcase at Blizzcon this year is “Rime” for Sigma. The other legendary skins are “Jӧtunn” for Doomfist, “Rat King” for Reaper, and “Mountain Man” for McCree. Even though there are only four new legendaries this year, there are still almost 20 others from previous years available for fans to collect.

Moreover, there are three epic skins that can be earned this year, but they are only obtained through weekly challenges. For getting nine wins in Week 1, players can receive “Ugly Sweater: 76” for Soldier. In Week 2, they can earn “Holly” for Moira, and in Week 3, they can get Mercy’s “Snow Angel” skin. Each week also gives participants a unique player icon for three wins and a spray for six.

On top of the usual Winter Wonderland game modes, “Mei’s Snowball Offensive” and “Yeti Hunt,” Blizzard has added “Snowball Deathmatch” to the mix. It looks like it will play in a similar way to the other snowball fight game, but this one is a free-for-all instead of team deathmatch. Players will be able to carry three snowballs instead of one as well. The trailer also shows Mei catching a snowball that gets shot at her, which is new, but it’s currently unclear how this new mechanic will work.

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