Windjammers Is Coming to the Switch Later This Year

Windjammers Is Coming to the Switch Later This Year

The 1994 competitive disc throwing arcade game Windjammers will be launching on the Nintendo Switch soon. The announcement was made at the Windjammers Global World Disc Throwing Championship at EVO 2018.

This Switch version of Windjammers will be a straight port that will feature enhancements like online multiplayer support.

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In an email interview with Twin Galaxies, DotEmu’s CEO Cyrille Imbert said the title was an ideal fit for Nintendo’s system, also he talked about Windjammers Esports and more read part of the interview down below:

“Windjammers is a two button game so that makes it perfect for what the Nintendo Switch offers in terms of portability and local multiplayer,” he told us via email “You are in the train/the bus/the plane/etc. and you take out your Switch from your bag. You grab one of the joycons and give the other to your friend/sibling and boom! Infinite wild Windjammers challenges.”

This Switch version of Windjammers will be the exact same game as the versions we’ve seen already, but will there be anything unique or exclusive? No, Imbert says, but it also won’t be returning to square one. “It will be a straight port that will include all the improvements that we have been working on so far on the other versions,” he explains. “The last update, for example, being that you can now choose to play the music from the Neo Geo CD version instead of the emulation, which improves the experience online and offline.”

“Adding online multiplayer to the project alone doubled our development planning,” Imbert says. “It has been really hard because we wanted to use GGPO the best way possible and create a real matchmaking system with leagues, revenge options, quick matches for training, etc. It was a first for us to push online multiplayer that far and, for the PS4/PSVita versions, we underestimated the time it would take.”

“On the other hand, Windjammers is a perfect game for online competition, so it just made sense to implement it and how to do it. For the online multiplayer rules, we applied the ones that were used for community tournaments in arcades and gathered feedback and opinion from the best players in the world.”

Read the full interview at TwinGalaxies.

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