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Wild West Online Closed Alpha Begins September 15

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Wild West Online Closed Alpha Begins September 15

The wait for highly-anticipated Wild West Online is almost over as 612 Games announces today that the studio is launching the online multiplayer game into Closed Alpha on September 15.

Wild West Online is an open-world action-based, online multiplayer game in which players are free to explore and interact within a thrilling Wild West setting. Based on their decisions and actions, players can become a lawman, an outlaw or a pioneer exploring the Western Frontier. The game features a bevy of content, including world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE game missions, treasure hunts and much more.

To gain access to the closed Alpha you can’t just buy the Townie edition though, you’ll need to put down $40 for the Pioneer Edition of the game. With that, you’ll also get access to the beta which is set to take place sometime this Fall, as well as a number of in-game extras. You’ll get the Pioneer in-game title, 250 treasury notes, additional storage space, garment bags, gun engraving stencils and a small plot of land.

You can also splash out $60 for the Collector’s edition, which gives you everything in the Pioneer edition, but more. You also get early access to the Closed Beta and early access to the game’s final release version. In-game you’ll get two small plots of land and one large one, as well as more than double the other extras Pioneer buyers get.

To make sure everyone is happy about what they’re getting though, 612 Games has announced a no fuss refund policy. That means that up until September 27, if you don’t like the game, you can get yourself a full refund, no questions asked.

There’s no strict levelling or class system either, meaning you’re free to construct the role you want to play. You could be a righteous lawman, a ruthless outlaw, or even a peaceful prospector. While you may want the quiet life of a miner or travelling salesman, be aware that other players will have no qualms in gunning you down and stealing your precious gold.

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