Where Winds Meet

Where Winds Meet Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Coming to PS5

During the recent State of play event, developer Everstone Studio announced the open-world action RPG Where Winds Meet. A release date was not announced, but it will launch for PlayStation 5 and PC. A gameplay trailer was also released. In the game, players will “assume the role of a young sword master as they embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of their own identity.”

The game’s details via the developer:

Let the Wind Carry Your Legend on an Epic Journey to the East

Where Winds Meet is an epic Wuxia open-world action–adventure RPG set in ancient China at the tenth century during the tumultuous era of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdom. Players will assume the role of a young sword master as they embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of their own identity.

Let the Wind Carry Your Legend in Ancient China Beset by Conflict

Explore the breathtaking vastness of ancient China during a tumultuous era, where political intrigue, power struggles, and epic battles shape the course of history.

Amidst the chaos engulfing ancient dynasties, weave your own story as you unravel the mysteries surrounding your own birth and fated destiny in a world brimming with cultural richness and prosperity, where heroes rise and legends are born.

Engage in various powerful ancient combat techniques using your fists, sword, spear, bow and spirit to overcome your foes. Embrace your destiny and forge your own path in a legendary tale of your making!


An Open World of Infinite Activities in an Era of Endless Possibilities

Embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure taking you from the tranquil countryside surrounded by majestic wilderness to lively cities flanked by mysterious caves and treacherous canyons.

Dive into an immersive world featuring interconnected nature and society with realistic weather conditions, real consequences from natural disasters and human conflicts.

Uncover thousands of points of interests, discover over 20 distinct regions, Interact with diverse characters and engage with numerous authentic activities in a world that teems with life. Play traditional Chinese ancient instruments, solve puzzles from enigmatic cats and so much more!


Deep RPG Mechanics to Shape Your Destiny the Way You Want It

Create and customize your character and their progression using a unique eastern combat system inspired by Wuxia (Martial Arts & Chivalry tales originating in China) with multiple familiar and exotic weapons and skills to unlock and upgrade.

Face your opponents directly in close-quarters combat, wielding weapons like Spear, Sword, Dual Blades, Glaive, Umbrella and Fan. Hone your skills and progress through your adventure, unlocking unique skills such as Acupuncture Hitting, Lion’s Roar and Tai Chi. Harness the lethal precision of a bow and arrow to take down enemies from afar. Even better, utilize stealth and deception tactics to disorient your foes in strategic ambushes.

What’s more, you get to choose how you want to impact the world and its characters and they will in turn react to you in ways that reflect these choices. Help them rebuild their houses, heal their wounds or fight their enemies for them. In Where Winds Meet, you choose who you are, how you fight and what you do to write a tale of your own, through and through.

A Modern Approach to Your Ancient Saga: Play Solo or Multiplayer and Enjoy Ongoing Content

You can journey to the east as a lone sword master and enjoy over 100 hours of rich narrative driven exploration of a lush and exotic world filled with exciting adventures.

If you’re looking for some company though, you’re in luck. Where Winds Meet lets you play with up to four friends to venture into the world and write your legend along with them.

Additionally, for those who are looking for fearsome adversaries to reach an even greater glory, they can also look forward to player-versus-player battles that will go down in the history books if they so choose to wage them.

What’s more, Where Winds Meet features ongoing updates which will keep bringing you more engaging content that will expand your legend as time marches on.

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