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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer
Head of Xbox Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Confirms More Single Player Exclusive Games

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In early years of the current generation, Xbox Game Studios wasn’t as big as what it is today. First-party studios were developing sequels for the last-gen franchises and we could barely see a sight of a brand new Xbox-exclusive IP, but now things have changed. Microsoft now owns so many talented studios with valuable history in developing story-driven single-player games, and fans expect to see more of such titles in the future on Xbox consoles. Fortunately, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has recently confirmed the focus of first-party studios on bringing more single-player games.

In response to a user on Twitter who asked head of Xbox if there would be more Microsoft-exclusive single-player games in the future, Spencer said:

Yes. I can confirm.

Currently, Xbox Game Studios is working on Gears 5, Halo Infinite and Bleeding Edge. While the first two titles are mostly focused on narrative-driven single-player than multiplayer modes, the third one is a totally online 4v4 game. The company also has Flight Simulator under development but which is presumably a single player game.

While Xbox didn’t do a great job in story-driven titles this generation, PlayStation has spent its most glorious days with games like Uncharted 4, God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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