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Way to the Woods video game
Way to the Woods video game

Way to the Woods is Coming Early 2019 to PC and Consoles

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Way to the Woods is Coming Early 2019 to PC and Consoles

It was revealed today by Anthony Tan, a new trailer for his upcoming game Way to the Woods, that is coming to PC and consoles early 2019.

Check out the gameplay trailer of Way to the Woods, featuring some gameplay footage:


  • Is this a game?
    Yes! WTTW is a third person adventure game.
  • What platforms is WTTW on?
    Currently PC, however I’m also really gunning for console as well. 
  • When will it come out!?
    Early 2019 dudes
  • Is WTTW randomly generated?
    Ya fools its HAND MADE! with stones
  • What programs are you using?
    WTTW is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. I use Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop to do the art… yeah mostly those
  • What are your inspirations?
    I super love and get big inspo from Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, The Last of Us, and a lot of music / artists.

About the game

Two deer in a strange, abandoned world without humans must find their way home.

Find food, shelter, safety, and answers on your way to the woods.

Way To The Woods is a third person adventure game!”

Anthony Tan said

“I just bought the site url http://waytothewoodsgame.com/ and it doesn’t work right now but google tells me that in 72 hours it should be up and running. it just redirects to the tumblr, so you can just click that top link, but it looks so professional… dang i wish i set that up earlier. you thought youd find more info about this game im making in the description? you thought wrong my dude go to the site.”

For more information on Way to the Woods, visit its official Tumblr page.

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