Aritana 2
Aritana 2

Duaik Launches First Gameplay Trailer for Aritana 2

Duaik Launches First Gameplay Trailer for Aritana 2

Following Aritana’s 2 development announcement in November, Duaik Entertainment now shows the first gameplay trailer. This footage highlights new mechanics and differences in gameplay and design for Aritana 2.

Check out the teaser trailer of Aritana 2, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The trailer begins with the image of the Great Ypy Tree, an entity that Aritana will need to protect during his journey. A mysterious masquerade is using an ancient power to corrupt everything around him and destroy Ypy. The story of Aritana 2 begins after the events of the first game. The player will face the consequences and the outcomes of the Staff of Fire loss and the defeat of Mapinguari.

The game was developed thinking not only in gamers who played the first title but also aims for new players who want to venture into an environment full of challenges and lots of fun.

Anyone who has played Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather will find a more mature and complete game in Aritana 2. Players will find new gameplay with different controls for the character in a three-dimensional environment with a huge open world, full of exploration.

During Aritana’s journey, he will learn to use the bow and arrow in an agile and precise mechanic and will be constantly challenged by the game in battles and puzzles of different complexities.

In Aritana 2, players will enter a third person adventure through a fantastic world full of mythology, action, and puzzles. The changes in the gameplay of Aritana 2 will offer greater immersion and will challenge the player to find solutions to various problems that appear throughout the story.

Several new systems are being improved, such as a crafting mode that will allow players to create weapons, potions and other items within the game.

Aritana’s 2 History

A mysterious masquerade is about to destroy the Great Ypy Tree, using an ancient power to corrupt everything around him. Meanwhile, the search for the powerful staff of the chieftain Raoni takes Aritana to the temple that houses Ypy and that is now in great danger.

Aritana’s fate will be guided by the ancient guardian of the temple, the Craftsman, and together they must prevent the masked man from reaching the top of the temple to destroy Ypy. Along the way, Aritana will prove his worth again facing new challenges and carrying a new weapon, the bow.

About DUAIK Entertainment

Duaik Entertainment is a game development company based in São Paulo Brazil. Its first title, Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather, is a success and a case of study for the Brazilian market: combining great quality product and strong media presence. Today, Duaik is considered one of the most important gaming companies in Brazil.”

For more information on Aritana 2, visit its official website.

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