Watchers Is a New Battle Royale Game with a Bunch of Creative Elements

Not only most of the famous multiplayer franchises are getting Battle Royale mode, but also the number of studios that are working on most trending genre of these days are increasing. Generally speaking, it’s not a bad thing if developers try to add more creative ways to Battle Royale and help it to grow from its initial phase. Watchers is a new Battle Royale title which is attempting to bring new ideas to the genre.

While in the most of multiplayer mode, including Battle Royale, you’re simply do nothing once you get killed in the game, Watchers has turned dead players to a new set of enemies in its Battle Royale world. In this game, 24 players start the game and try to kill each other to be the only one surviving the map, but there some new rules in the game that make it a new experience. Players who get killed, enter to a new world, where they can have control on the world of alive players and take action against.

First of all, you get to bet on the player who you think will win the game once you died. Then, you will have some abilities to gift to your favorite player and some weapons to use against other alive ones. As an example, you can give a player speed boost to move faster, while on the other hand, you’ll be able to hit a player with rockets from the air. Here you can check out the announcement trailer:

Watchers will be available on PC till the end of this year.

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