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Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Confirmed; Full Reveal at E3 2019

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Rumors for announcing a new title for Watch Dogs series started over a month ago indicating that the new entry will take place in London and offers more features based on hacking instead of giving players guns and weapons. Yesterday, rumors even got more accurate by revealing the exact name for the new entry and announcing some gameplay features and story settings, which finally made Ubisoft to confirm Watch Dogs Legion with a brief teaser on Twitter.

While the teaser gives no new information on the game except its name and logo, the caption that reads “God save the NPCs” seems to indirectly confirm one of the key features in gameplay that has previously leaked by insiders. According to the rumor, in Watch Dogs Legion players will be able to control every NPC within the futuristic and post-Brexit London. It’s also interesting that the new title has been named as Legion instead of 3.

When it comes to story, it remains unknown that whether we are going to experience a dark scenario like the first game or a fun narrative such as Watch Dogs 2. The multiplayer mode is also one of the anticipated parts for me about the new Watch Dogs that can expand the types of missions and players’ freedom through the city and co-op levels.

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