Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer

Watch Dogs 2 Launch Trailer

The launch trailer is meant to serve as a reminder to those who have not yet pre-ordered the game that a new title that they might be interested in is just around the corner. It’s then hoped that they would be impressed by the trailer enough to put money down for the title.

The Watch Dogs 2 launch trailer gives a quick rundown of everything that has been revealed about this title as yet. It’s going to be a bit different from the original Watch Dogs title which was a hit in its own right.

The video sets up the hacker-centric story and shows off the game’s depiction of San Francisco. You play as Marcus Holloway, an expert hacker, who works on behalf on the hacking collective Dedsec. The story follows Holloway’s journey towards uncovering corporate corruption.

Watch Dogs 2 comes out on November 15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, before arriving for PC on November 29.

Check out the Trailer:

“Holloway has been wrongly accused of being part of a robbery, you see, because a server somewhere has marked him as a probable suspect, based on his buying habits, search history, ethnicity and more.

As you would be, he’s a bit miffed. Unfortunately for The Man, Watch Dogs 2’s hackers fight back with more that DDoS attacks. In the trailer we see him zooming around San Francisco, leaping walls and firing a fully-automatic assault rifle. Let’s hope Anonymous don’t play this, eh? “

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