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Scorpion-like armed vehicle shooting at enemies in Wasteland 3
Scorpion-like armed vehicle shooting at enemies in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 PC System Requirements Revealed

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InXile Entertainment is now officially one of the first-party studios of Microsoft but just like the other acquisitions, the RPG specialists are developing their next title as a multiplatform game. Wasteland 3 will be out next year in Spring and for isometric story-driven role-playing fans it’s an anticipated sequel which could be the series best title thanks to Microsoft’s support. Along with revealing a new gameplay footage for the game at Gamescom 2019, InXile also shared PC system requirements for those who want to play it on Windows 10.

Fortunately, Wasteland 3 is a low-spec-friendly game despite its gorgeous graphics in trailers and high-quality textures. You need to have an NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD 290 graphics along with 16 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5-4590 processor to run the game with the best quality possible. On the other hand, if visuals don’t matter for you, an Intel Core i5-2500K processor along with 8 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760 or Radeon HD 7970 graphics are all you need to install and play Wasteland 3 on your PC. Don’t forget that the game requires 55 GB of free space and a 64-bit Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

Aside from system requirements, you can take a look at the new gameplay trailer for Wasteland 3, showing-off the game’s incredible lighting and textures, though animations still need to be polished. The trailer showcases a bit of the game’s turn-based combats, where having an accurate strategy is the key to take down enemies and progress in the campaign. Wasteland 3 is playable in both solo and co-op modes. The story and outcomes will be tied to the decisions and dialogues that you choose throughout your experience. The development team has promised to support the game with tons of post-launch contents for a long time.

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Source: DSOGaming

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