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Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Class Guide

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Warhammer: Chaosbane – Slayer Class Guide

So Chaosbane’s been out for a bit by now, and many of you might be asking how to completely wreck it’s endgame, without getting splattered all over the floor, so we’ve decided to come up with a basic endgame guide for each of the game’s classes.

Today we’re starting off with Bragi Axebiter, the short, angry, disturbingly naked dwarf slayer!

This guide will cover two builds capable of completing content in the currently hardest difficulty, Chaos 5 and we’re going to cover skill choices, equipment and passives so let’s get right to it.

Grimnir’s Tattoos, also known as Angry Fire Dwarf.

This specific build revolves around using the set known as “Grimnir’s Herald” which, once completed, will grant you 50% extra fire damage to all of your abilities, as well as a massive improvement to the “Call to Oath” skill. Furthermore, this set will grant you a very powerful, passive aura that deals constant fire damage to everything around you, increasing in power as your health gets lower.

Although I initially expected the aura to be more of an aesthetic thing than an actual powerful mechanic, I was totally wrong. This aura kills a lot more than your FPS, basically making weak enemy hordes disintegrate the moment they approach you! Sadly enough, though, it will certainly tank your FPS for some reason.

Either way, this build will focus on using the fire damage version of each skill, so the whole setup goes like this:

You’ll be generating Energy using the improved version of Savage Swing, which deals fire damage and builds more energy per enemy hit, and mainly consuming this energy by using the improved version of Whirlwind of Blades. The improved whirlwind deals fire damage, and often releases random axes that will fly in different directions, for quite a long range, dealing more fire damage.

For movement, you’ll be using Bragi’s default Chained Axe ability, which has no cooldown, and allows you to throw your axe in the direction of your pointer, then drag yourself to it, slowing any enemies you hit. Do note, that this ability will not allow you to ignore collision, so try to aim it in a clear area if your main intent is to move.

To move out of tight situations, such as when you’re getting overwhelmed by too many enemies, you’re going to use the improved version of Avenging Charge, which will deal fire damage, leave behind a trail of fire that burns enemies, and allows you to move through enemies, at no cooldown and a moderate energy cost.

To seal the deal with a lot more aoe damage and a bit of movement versatility, you’re going to absolutely abuse improved Strike of the Anvil, which allows you to jump at a target location, dealing decent damage, and leaving behind a small earthquake that deals fire damage over time to enemies. Combine this with the god skill Wrath of the Mountain, mastered version, to deal ridiculous amounts of fire damage to everything, while occasionally stunning enemies.

Finally, you’ll be using Call to Oath, the heroic, set-buffed version of the skill. This will deal a lot of aoe fire damage, instantly, at a small cost to your health, as well as stunning all enemies hit. Note that if enemies are already stunned from any source (such as Wrath of the Mountain) Call to Oath will deal MASSIVE damage to them.

The passives you’ll be using for this are mastered Spite Smite, which deals increased damage to low health enemies, improved Blood of the Dawi, which will reduce damage taken when low on health and improved Deathblow, which increases damage taken by stunned enemies.

The weapons I’d recommend most are Victor’s Tribute, which increases all your damage when enraged by 50% and The Impatient One, which resets your cooldowns whenever you kill a champion enemy.

The Challenger Build

This build revolves around the Challenge set. This set grants you an 80% increase in damage whenever you’re enraged, as well as a massively buffed Last Bastion.

You’re still going to use the exact same versions of Savage Swing, Whirlwind of Blades, Avenging Charge, Strike of the Anvil and Wrath of the Mountain, however, instead of Call to Oath, you’ll be using Last Bastion. Last bastion, once buffed by the Challenge set, will grant you a lot of energy, rage, and an 80% increase to your maximum health, making for an extremely powerful defensive ability. It’s cooldown is also very low, meaning you can reliably use it to generate resources, while always having it’s buff active.

As far as passives go, we’ll keep using improved Blood of the Dawi and mastered Spite Smite, but replacing the Deathblow with a mastered Eternal Grudge, which will make your rage last longer and make you immune to slows while under it’s effects.

I recommend keeping the same weapon setup for this build as well, as those two weapons just seem to have the best abilities a slayer could ask for.

This build overall seems more defensive than the fire one, but the damage potential is similar, while survivability is much, much higher, so I personally prefer using the Challenge set right now.

These are two builds that I guarantee will work on any difficulty, but there is certainly more room for experimentation with the slayer. There is currently one more set that seems to push a bleed-damage based build, but I haven’t managed to get any great results using it.

Let me know in the comments section below what you think of these builds, or if you’ve managed to attain good results with any other kind of build!

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