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Twins from Wargroove
Twins from Wargroove

Wargroove – To Add Co-Op in ‘Double Trouble’ Free DLC

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One of the first games ever announced for the Nintendo Switch was a strategy RPG called Wargroove presented by Chucklefish. The turn-based game looked to give the Advance Wars formula their own spin and in my humble opinion, they succeeded with flying colors. While Chucklefish did confirm that they would be updating the game in the future, they’ve been quietly giving us slight updates here and there, teasing something bigger to come. Since the beginning of October Chucklefish has been going crazy with the announcements and sneak peek into their plans.

October 3rd we were given a new commander Wulfar an Outlaw Chief with a huge stone hammer as his weapon of choice. A few days after Chucklefish told us they would be adding two brand new units to the game in the Thief and the Rifleman. Thieves are able to ransack enemy buildings for gold and the Rifleman is a unit with limited ammo and the ability to hit the enemy from across the map. It doesn’t stop there though on October 12th we were introduced to Errol and Orla who have the ability to activate two different Grooves.

All of this came to a head yesterday as Chucklefish dropped the title of their new DLC entitled “Double Trouble”. Along with the information provided above, Wargroove will add a brand new campaign, a third new commander in Vesper, new missions added to the arcade mode, Competitive online Quick Play maps and a whole gang of balance changes. All of this content is being given to players of Wargroove for FREE.

We don’t have a release date for ‘Double Trouble’ just yet but according to Chucklefish the DLC is in its final testing phase. This is paired with the news Chucklefish is producing a physical deluxe version of Wargroove which will include the soundtrack, a manual, a map of Aurania and a reversible coversheet. This all drops October 29th.

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