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Stardew Valley’s Future Includes Co-op, More Marriages, And A Console Port

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Stardew Valley’s Future Includes Co-op, More Marriages, And A Console Port

Since it was released in February, popular RPG and farming sim Stardew Valley has continued receiving free content updates thanks to the dedication of its sole designer, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, and now it looks like the game has even more coming down the pipeline, including console ports and co-op multiplayer.

Unfortunately, Barone could not offer a projected release date for the multiplayer or the console ports, but in the meantime, he said that the game will be getting a number of new features in the 1.1 update.

Some of the new content Barone promised for the upcoming update includes expanded events and interactions with all NPCs, including the addition of Shane and Emily as marriage candidates.

Stardew Valley will also be getting some much needed additions for the later portion of the game, which currently becomes somewhat repetitive by the end of the first in-game year. Barone said that he will be adding several new farming buildings, as well as a number of new artisan goods, crops, and crafting recipes.

The update will also add a number of bug fixes and improvements to both combat mechanics and mining.

Barone also provided a brief list of the content that will be coming to the game’s upcoming Version 1.1:

  • More late-game content
  • New farm buildings
  • New crops
  • New artisan goods
  • New advanced farming/producing mechanics
  • Shane and Emily will be marriage candidates. They will also have more events and dialogue as a result.
  • More marriage content for all spouses
  • More events for the non-marriage NPC’s
  • Improvements/Additions to mining and combat
  • Ability to move buildings and other convenience features
  • More bug fixes
  • More secrets
  • More small, fun touches to the world

“Work has already begun on the multiplayer mode, as publisher Chucklefish has taken over the technical side of things. This frees up time for ConcernedApe to finish V1.1 and get started on the rest of the list, so while there is no confirmed release date for anything just yet, it can’t be too far off.”

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