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Warframe’s Creative Director Talks About the Risk Of Cross-Play

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Warframe’s Creative Director Talks About the Risk Of Cross-Play

Creative Director Steve Sinclair spoke yesterday during a livestream on Twitch about the possibilities and risk to feature Cross-Play functionality in a game like Warframe. And while he is not very open to the idea due to technical problems that might arise he assures that developers at Digital Extremes are looking for ways to “share progress or share items” between platforms, Sinclair says “Those things are a lot more doable than getting everything in sync and doing complete cross-play,” Sinclair says. “Maybe it’s more of a gradual step for us than an overnight switch.”

“As a player I would love it,” Sinclair said. “As a developer, it’s one of the highest-risk things we can do. Because a lot of the games that are doing it—it’s still very early days for this—A lot of those games came late to the platforms and had different negotiating environments to establish their contracts. On top of that, we are a game that is constantly changing. We change the game modes, we change the gameplay. We do huge, huge swings constantly, so, it is something that we’re all interested in and we do discuss it.”

“Although we would like to do this, I don’t think it is something that we can promise right now in January,”

Warframe is a game that is regularly appearing in the top 10 most actively played games on Steam,  the free game-as-a-service title has earned over  38 million registered online users across PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One, In last five years, Warframe has won numerous game-of-the-year awards, including last year’s 2017 Steam Labor of Love Award, hosted a real-world, in-game “Nuptia” wedding, held two TennoCon conferences, launched its first open-world expansion (Plains of Eidolon), and significantly updated more than 22 times.

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