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Xbox One
Xbox One

Warframe Confirmed to Support Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox One

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Warframe Confirmed to Support Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox One

Microsoft is finally adding the official feature of mouse and keyboard to the Xbox One, but we will have to wait because not all the games will support that feature, it will depend on game developers who want to integrate that feature into their games.

The first game that Microsoft confirmed that will have mouse and keyboard support is the online multiplayer Warframe. No other developers have announced upcoming mouse and keyboard support to any games as of yet, however, we suspect that Blizzard Entertainment may include this feature on Overwatch at some point, including any other renowned multiplayer shooters, like Call of Duty, Battlefield or Fortnite, but at this time we can only speculate.

In an article from Polygon, Phil Spencer elaborated more on their policy regarding mouse and keyboard implementation for upcoming games:

While the feature will be available for developers to implement in the near future, it’s not a global decision that Microsoft is making for all of the games on its platform. Spencer stressed that the idea is to open the Xbox One up to different experiences.

“You shouldn’t expect that every game on the platform now supports mouse and keyboard,” Spencer said. “It’s really about developer choice.”

“These are tools for developers,” Spencer continued. “There are certain games out there that require mouse and keyboard, and those can’t come to console today. If we put those tools in the hands of developers, we’ll get more of those games.”

Spencer said that customers’ existing USB-compatible mice and keyboards will work with the Xbox One. He also confirmed rumors from earlier this year that computer and peripheral manufacturer Razer was working with Microsoft on a custom keyboard and mouse set.

Full Article At – Polygon

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