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Warframe is now Optimized for Xbox Series X|S

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Digital Extremes and Xbox announced today a next-gen update for the f2p shooter Warframe

The development team overhauled the rendering engine enabling dynamic real-time lighting effects and volumetric shadows. Warframe runs best on Xbox Series X with a 4k, 60 fps immersive experience, Xbox Series S supports 60 fps at 1080p.

Whether it’s trickling real-time light sifting through moving trees as you traverse an open world or beams of starlight reflecting off your new Railjack as you engage in epic ship-to-ship space battles, Warframe looks better than ever.

Digital Extremes also implemented a new sound system for Xbox Series X|S adding a new level of depth and detail to the game.

Warframe will also load faster on next-gen hardware thanks to the lightning-fast SSD.

The next-gen patch launched along with Call of the Tempestarii update. The new seasonal content takes the story of the game to new heights by putting players at the helm of a colossal spaceship called the Railjack.

The new Railjack system delivers more of what you’ve asked for… our iconic close-quarter-action combat, large ship-to-ship battles, and space exploration. We’ve renovated and simplified countless systems to reduce the grind and requirements so you can more easily collect, fight, and explore the Origin System. Once you set out, you’ll notice that space flight is integrated with the larger universe of Warframe — more diverse game modes, streamlined rewards and new missions. We also integrated Necramechs for you to equip a mech-like killing machine to obliterate enemies on Railjack missions.

The developers will also release the 46th Warframe Sevagoth, the new character deals heavy damage and supports teammates with health by reaping enemy souls. Warframe is now available for free on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles with cross-play support.

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