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Warframe artwork
Warframe artwork

Warframe ‘Empyrean’ Update Now Live on PC

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Empyrean’ for Warframe is now live on PC after Digital Extremes revealed an update featuring cooperative play at The Game Awards 2019.

In ‘Empyrean,’ players can now take control of a battleship around the space environments of Earth, Saturn, and Veil Proxima. Up to four players can participate together in the experience. “In the future-tech Railjack battleship, clans will crash into hostile Grineer forces in fast-paced, cooperative, realtime spaceship battles.”

Players can download and access all ‘Empyrean’ content for free.

Moreover, Warframe Rising Tide is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gamers “can download the update and immediately [begin] researching and building their Dry Docks and Railjacks in preparation for the oncoming confrontation.”

Players will need to sharpen their communication skills when engaging in ‘Empyrean’s’ cooperative space battles. “Whether it’s blasting hordes of opponent Fighters and Crewships, or shooting like a bullet from the Archwing Cannon into enemy vessels to commandeer or destroy them, players will wield new upgradeable offensive firepower.” Warframe fans will have to put out fires, repair hulls, and combat enemy boarding parties to succeed in the all-new space combat experience.

The ‘Empyrean’ Update’s highlights include:

  •  “Welcome to the Railjack: Empyrean puts players at the helm of the Sigma Series Railjack battleship. This ultra powerful ship is upgradeable, customizable, and the centerpiece for all future Empyrean space missions, battles and Cinematic Quests.
  • Getting the Team Together: This phase of Empyrean is designed and optimized as a cooperative experience. Solo players will still be able to enjoy Empyrean, but the difficulty and progression is balanced around full crews. The year 2020 will bring enhanced solo capabilities and more surprises!
  • Free Flight: Intimidated? Don’t be. Try out the Railjack in Free Flight Mode. Learn the basics without engaging in battle and then join a squad when you’re ready.
  • Railjack Powers: The Railjack itself provides incredibly diverse options to counter Grineer assailants. With constantly updated technology like Cloaking Fields and Void Holes to be earned, and special moves like “Juke” to out-maneuver enemies, players will earn powerful moves as they progress.
  • Warframe Powers: Aboard the Railjack in combat, players also have a wealth of fantasy-fulfilling options at hand. They can jettison into battle using Archwings to infiltrate enemy ships or shoot from “Archwing cannons” to annihilate smaller ships. Using the Tactics map, Tenno can tap into on-board Warframe Abilities and cast them where needed. They direct their teammates to attend crises, welding hull holes or confronting a boarding party, and they can teleport from location to location, whether it’s on board the Raijack or an enemy vessel.”

Furthermore, the following upgradeable systems have been implemented:

  • Intrinsics: With the totally new “Intrinsics” feature, players will experience a new reliable RPG progression system. By playing through missions and earning Intrinsics points, Tenno build their own player ranked skills.
  • Avionics: These are the vessel’s upgradable ‘powers’. They comprise Battle, Integrated, and Tactical types and they work like Warframe Abilities.
  • Components: Guns, Engines, Reactors, and Shields.
  • Armaments: AKA weaponry, are different firepower types.”

Players can build the Dry Dock and Railjack using in-game resources that can be acquired either through gameplay or via the Warframe marketplace.

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