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Warface Switch
Warface Switch

Warface Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

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The critically acclaimed shooter Warface is out now on Nintendo Switch, the is currently out on the Australian eShop, a global release is coming soon.

Warface is a modern modern military shooter, the game is free-to-play title, Switch users can now enlist in the renowned ranks of the Warface faction. The game features an impressive arsenal of competitive game modes, players can jump straight into action or join with up to four friends to take down the tactically advanced forces of AI controlled Blackwood faction.

The game feature quest and raids that are similar to what Bungie did at Destiny 2, some of the most thrilling raids are Anubis, The HQ, Blackout and Earthshaker, each with their own mission goals and exotic locations.

Warface also offers six PvP modes. Whichever mode is played, success will depend on teamwork and selecting the right mix of soldier classes, each with unique loadouts and special abilities. Players can choose to play as the Rifleman, Sniper, Medic or Engineer and equip accurately detailed weapons to operate in explosive action taking place around the globe.

Developer Crytek has painstakingly crafted the Battle Royale mode to combine the special atmosphere of its survival warfare with Warface’s original gameplay. In the experimental PvP-mode Battle Royale, a player faces off against fifteen opponents, evading the rapidly increasing death zone and eliminating each other until one victor rises out of the fierce free-for-all combat. The mode combines Warface’s largest PvP map to date with more than 70 different weapons and equipment for players to discover and adapt to the mayhem.

About Crytek
Crytek is an independent video game developer, publisher, and technology provider based in Frankfurt, Germany. With almost two decades of experience in the games industry, Crytek takes its unique combination of experience and skills and continues to make an impact via innovative, fun, cutting-edge games and technology.

We want to create the most fun gaming experiences around, and if we have to develop new technology or push genre boundaries to do so, then we will.

Source: Gamespot

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