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Wanking Simulator artwork
Wanking Simulator artwork

Wanking Simulator Coming Early This Year

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The game that everyone has been waiting for has received an official release window of first quarter 2020, and that game is Wanking Simulator. This action-brawler will be hitting stores early this year, but for those who can’t wait to play this “game of the year” contender, there is a demo now available on Steam to try out.

Obviously, there is a bit of exaggeration here, but that’s what this whole game is about. Mateusz Zawadzki, CEO of Ultimate Games S.A. who is producing this masterpiece, says that the game is “based on absurd and politically incorrect assumptions.” The sole purpose of Wanking Simulator is to be ridiculous and funny. For those needing more proof, take a look at the trailer that got released seven months ago to see how crazy this game is going to be.

Gamers who decide to pick up this game will take control of Winston Gay. After his neighbors get fed up with Winston’s “nightly activities,” they decide that it’s time to intervene and put a stop to him, which in turn only sets Winston off and leads to him terrorizing the whole town of Gay Bay though fighting, shooting, driving, and of course masturbating.

In reality, this game will most likely never reach commercial success due to its content matter, but it is still fun to acknowledge and talk about. It will most likely get compared to other popular “pseudo-simulation” games like Goat Simulator and Total Accurate Battle Simulator because of how ridiculous it is, and hopefully it will be a game that people will pick up and enjoy in the same way they enjoy those. If a game like this gets taken too seriously, the whole point of it would have been completely missed.

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