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Vanquish Remaster Coming to Xbox One

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Fans of 2010’s hit third-person shooter Vanquish have something to celebrate today, as the game is getting a remaster that will allow gamers to experience its faced-paced action in 4k Ultra HD resolution.

The remastered version of Vanquish appeared on the Microsoft Store, with a slated release date of February 2, 2020, and promises 4k graphics at 60FPS for the Xbox One X. In addition, website TrueAchievements reports that Bayonetta will also see a remaster, and the two titles from Platinum Games will be available separately or together in a tenth anniversary bundle. It is unknown at this time if either remaster will appear on the PlayStation 4, but since neither title was exclusive to Xbox previously, it seems probable that they might.

Vanquish originally entered development in 2007, and released worldwide in October, 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. It brought with it several innovations to the 3D shooter genre, with fast-paced gameplay compared to old 2D bullet hell shooters. While Vanquish garnered a positive critical reaction with praise granted in regards to its action, innovations, boss fights, and visual stile, it was also criticized for its writing, voice acting, and the overall short length of its campaign.

Set in the near future, the story of Vanquish follows character Sam Gideon, a soldier equipped with a cutting-edge battlesuit known as the Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS). An overpopulated Earth struggles with limited resources, and seeks help from a solar-powered space colony known as Providence. When Providence is suddenly taken over by a felonious group of mutineers and its technology used to destroy some of Earths’ beloved cities, Sam and the rest of his unit of space marines must reclaim the colony and save the lives of all those in the world.

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