Vampyr Has Gone Gold, Releasing on June 5

Vampyr Has Gone Gold, Releasing on June 5

Dontnot Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive have announced that their upcoming action role-playing game, Vampyr, has gone gold. The game’s trophy list has also appeared online, revealing a set of 29 trophies including Platinum.

If you don’t know what gone gold means, it means the game has gone through the final version and is good enough to be shipped to stores. In other simple words, the game has gone through the development phase and ready to be sold.

YouTuber MathChief managed to obtain over 30 minutes of raw in-game footage, which offers a large chunk of gameplay to look over. The video features Tom from Focus Home Interactive and the game director of Vampyr Philippe.

Moreover, if you want to check out or skim through all 49 minutes of Vampyrgameplay courtesy of the now-ended live stream, you can do so right here.

In addition to gameplay features, the best source to gain XP and learn different abilities comes from sucking the blood of London’s citizens. Blood from denizens offer an advantage across a wide variety of situations, but the drawback is that Dr. Jonathan Reid has set out to save the people of London from the epidemic sweeping through the city after experiencing the tragedies of WW1.

Moreover, the game tasks players with questions like “Do I kill?” and “Who do I kill?” Investigating citizens’ lives will make saving London a bit easier unless giving way to the lust for blood seems more potent. Either way, killing too many citizens will impact the local ecosystem and can cause an entire district to collapse and not feeding Reid’s thirst for blood can opt for something far worse.

If Vampyr seems like something worth checking out, Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod plan to release the action RPG on June 5th.

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