Bloodlines 2
Bloodlines 2

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Toreador Clan Revealed

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If you’ve followed previous posts about Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, you are probably aware of the developer’s periodic trailers for the game, in which they announce vampire clans of Seattle. Nights of Seattle in Bloodlines 2 are ruled by different clans and factions that each one has its own abilities and skill which make you to prefer one to another. After revealing Thinblood, Brujah and Tremere, now it’s time for beautiful Toreador members to introduce themselves.

Raised with especial focus on beauty, Toreador members are categorized as high-society people who always wear fancy clothes and appear in the city with the most beautiful outfits and makeup possible. So for those who look for pleasure, getting stuck in the smart traps of Toreadors would be the most dangerous threat.

Although Toreadors are a separated division from Thinblood, they have now reached higher position in the society than their original clan. You can find Toreador members mostly in clubs and everywhere that modern age takes you to experience pleasure and drown in artificial beauty. Every member in Toreador has some ability to seduce you in a different way. If you won’t be smart enough, encountering with Toreadors will be costly for you.

Just like any other clan, Toreador has its own discipline that you can read below:

Presence: Toreador relish in their ability to turn a crowd into an audience, distraction into rapt attention, and aggression into adoration, by just entering the room.

  • Awe, the first active Presence power, allows the vampire to strike a pose that freezes all before them into adoring wonder. For a short while after, these new admirers will be oblivious to anything but what they just saw.
  • Entrance, the second active power, forms a group of admirers around the vampire. For an extended period, these hangers-on will follow wherever the object of their adulation may go, distracting nearby enemies along the way.

Celerity: Some Kindred are faster, dodge more elegantly, and can move with unimaginable grace. They use Celerity, the Discipline of pushing their bodies’ speed beyond mortal imagination.

  • Unseen Storm, the first active, allows the vampire to dash in any direction at such a speed as to confound their audience. They can land attacks, dodge around enemies, or get away in a lazy dust cloud. Characters struck along the way of the dash get knocked down.
  • Accelerate, the second active, opens up speeds so fast that everything else in the world appears to slow down to a virtual standstill. The crowds seem frozen in their steps, as the vampire dances between cars and bullet streaks. A more gauche clan might wish for a popular 80’s synth track in the background.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will be available in Q1 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games Store exclusive).

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