Valve Index

Valve Index Officially Revealed; Coming in June

The company behind the biggest store of the world for PC games has finally revealed its next step in hardware roadmap by announcing Valve Index as a new platform for VR games.

First of all, Valve Index tries to give you more space for your moves physical moves within the game and that’s where Base Station 2.0 comes in. These two cubic devices help Index to track your movements and actions in a greater range in comparison to other VR headsets. On the other hand, Valve Index utilizes two LCD displays with resolution of 1440 x 1600 in each eye, to deliver you a virtual world with the best quality possible.

Controllers of Valve Index are similar to those of Oculus Rift handheld controllers, but definitely there are some minor differences here. Index controllers have the ability to estimate the force you imply to them in order to virtualize how strong you hold an object in-game. Furthermore, the controllers are also able to track your fingers’ motions to draw them exactly how they move within the game.

Valve Index will be launching on June 28th and approximately every VR game that you see on Steam can be played on the new VR platform. When it comes to price, Valve Index sounds a bit expensive, though it provides some features that you cannot find on other VR devices yet. Valve Index headset will cost you $499 while the controllers are priced at $279 and every one of Base Station devices will charge you $149, so if you attempt to buy the full package, you are going to pay $999 for the latest device among VR platforms, which is $77 less than the sum of all the costs above.

As we get closer to the next generation of consoles, VR platforms are also getting new versions to premiere with more powerful hardware and represent a realistic virtual world.

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