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Valve Explains Half Life’s 12 Year Hiatus

Valve has decided to host a Q&A with fans of the Half Life franchise, and someone had to ask why did Valve took 12 years in releasing a new Half Life game.

This was Valve’s response to the question:

“Half-Life isn’t like Fight Club- there was never a first rule of “we must never speak of it!” over the last decade or so,” said a Valve developer. “The real answer is super simple: We didn’t talk about Half-Life for a long time because we weren’t actively working on a Half-Life game. Once Half-Life: Alyx became a reality internally, it was already clear to us that this was something we wanted to involve the community in. We’re going to be doing more of this in the next few weeks as we prepare to launch it!”

What is considered as one of the best games ever released, Half Life received was awarded as the game of the year, Half Life 2 release shortly after, the sequel managed a similar success than its predecessor.

Half-Life is also responsible for being the base for modders to create Counter Strike. The impact that Half Life had in the industry was staggering. But Valve not only did not released a Half Life 3, but remained silent about the possibility of a new game in the franchise.

Now, 12 Years later a new installment in the successful franchise is close its release, hardcore fans feel like Half Life Alyx it’s just a spin-off of the previous titles. And others had been annoyed by the fact that the game will release only for VR devices.

Half Life Alyx is Valve’s flagship VR game, the game features the Source 2 engine, and will support all PC compatible VR headsets. The game will release on March 2020.

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