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phoenix and jett from valorant
phoenix and jett from valorant

Valorant Tournaments Coming to Twitch

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Riot announced today that it will be holding a set of tournaments to celebrate the launch of Valorant on June 2. This tournament will be hosted by Twitch Rivals, and will feature a $200,000 prize pool.

Participants will include players internationally, as well as creators of the game based in North America, Japan, Europe, etc. The event will be a part of the Summer Game Fest on Twitch.

Valorant first arrived on closed beta on April 7, and roughly 3 million people were able to acquire keys from drop enabled Twitch streams. The game left beta on Thursday, and fans who want to play the game can look forward to its June 2 launch date.

Riot has also added that all player progress and data will be wiped, allowing players to start fresh. The studio also plans on adding new servers internationally to help with latency.

Valorant features Counter-Strike styled gameplay and character abilities similar to Overwatch. In an earlier interview, game director Joe Ziegler said:

“There are many ways to compete and cooperate. Each and every hero in Overwatch has their own abilities, stats, and roles. They’re clearly distinguishable and you have to win by fighting team versus team. In Valorant, we wanted to allow players to create drastic turnarounds through individual skills even if the teamwork didn’t work out. So that they can feel the biggest thrill and catharsis.”

The game also includes in-game currency that can be used to unlock cosmetics. Characters, however, can be unlocked through gameplay progress.

Valorant will be free to play, and obviously, there will be no pay-to-win factors. The business model will be in a form very similar to League of Legends, basically changing how the characters’ appearances. There will be an achievement system but it’s not certain whether we will implement the season pass system.”

Source: GameSpot

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