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Overwatch Triple Damage Experimental Mode For PC

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A new experimental mode is arriving to PC players of Overwatch, called Triple Damage the new game mode will enable players on all platform to test the planned changes. It’s a public test so to speak.

Jeff Kaplan stated that the new game mode will test gameplay changes, it’s not a bug test, the new game mode will go live tomorrow, Kaplan explain in a new developer update video that “radical gameplay changes or things that we want to try out and get your direct player feedback on,” the new matchmaking process. Players will soon be able to select the role they want to play ahead of a match, developers want to give more freedom to teams, this way the game will add more strategy and tactics to the gameplay.

Check the developer update here:

“This was a lot of fun,” Kaplan says in the video. “It was very controversial on the development team. We have very strong reactions for and against this system, and ultimately at around the same time we had also mentioned to you that were going to do this experimental card… and so many players said, ‘Why don’t you let us try it?’ So this is your chance.”

“This is a look into what happens if we decide to make Roadhog the only tank in the match, or if we decide to make D.Va the only tank in the match,” he says. “You are going to have some insight into the type of balance changes that we would need to make.”

“Don’t panic when you see this card go up. These are changes that we are unsure of, and that’s why we’re getting your feedback on them,” he says. “It doesn’t mean that they’re imminently coming to Overwatch anytime soon. It just helps you get some insight into what we’re focused on and some of our design process.”

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