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Valheim Has Sold Over Three Million Copies

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The development team at Iron Gate AB is thrilled to confirm that Valheim has reached another huge milestone. The game has officially sold over three million copies on Steam.

Iron Gates’ Viking-survival-sandbox game has seen an Overwhelming Positive reception on Steam, the game is still on Steam Early Access and, so far, fans have loved the unique concept of the indie developer.

This February has been truly wild! Less than three weeks into Early Access, we’ve already hit another milestone. Valheim has now been purchased by over three million brave Vikings looking to survive the 10th world of the Yggdrasil – or die trying – probably crushed by a falling tree.

To keep up with the old norse references, this is now equivalent to 74,319 longhouses stuffed with Vikings singing songs and celebrating victory with some great tasting mead, so.. SKÅL!

We’re also continuing to break records! Here’s what we’ve achieved together in the last week:

As revealed in a blog post, the indie game might be the unexpected hit on Steam ahead of the Summer of 2021. The game is now one of the most streamed games on Twitch.

  • Over 60,000 ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews
  • Officially entered the Steam’s Top 250 best-reviewed games of all time (we’re 78th and climbing!)
  • Currently, 7th most streamed game on twitch, surpassing CS:GO, Dota 2, Minecraft and Rust
  • Over 20 million hours of gameplay already watched – now help us find a Viking reference for this one!

Valheim takes players on a journey on imposing forests and snow-capped mountains. Players will have to explore and harvest the required materials to craft deadlier weapons, sturdier armor, Viking strongholds, and reliable outposts. The game is essentially a quest to build a mighty longship and sail the great oceans in search of exotic lands.

Key features:

  • Huge procedurally-generated world – explore and inhabit mystical lands, from mysterious forests to imposing snow-topped mountain ranges and stunning meadows, complete with their own creatures of legend to battle and wildlife to hunt.
  • Co-op PvE (2-10 players) – – Whether you want to brave the lands alone or venture with trusted allies, Valheim supports independent, player-hosted servers and unlimited world creation. We recommend playing co-op with 3-5 players.
  • Punishing dodge & block-based combat system with a wide range of weapons
  • Build & sail ships – from flimsy rafts to imposing warships, build legendary vessels to conquer the seas and discover new lands.
  • Summon and defeat vengeful primordial bosses of myth and legend, and collect trophies to progress and craft new powerful items
  • Flexible house and base building system – raise mead halls, farms, settlements outposts, castles, and more.
  • Intuitive item crafting – forge the finest weapons and armor, and craft food and mead.
  • Dedicated server- for players who want to run a persistent server. If you prefer not to run a server on your PC, consider renting a server at G-Portal.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more gaming news.

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7 months ago

Valheim is by gar the best game released since years! my friends and myself rented a server at gportal and enjoy the game every night at the moment. 🙂