USK Ratings Reveal Risk of Rain 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch

USK Ratings Reveal Risk of Rain 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch

Well it would seem that Risk of Rain 2 may be coming to the Nintendo Switch. That’s right, this plane-exploring, roguelike, shoot them up will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the near future.

Risk of Rain 2 has been rated by the USK – Germany’s classification board. The game was previously known to have been datamined in March which revealed that several file names have been referencing the Nintendo Switch such as Joy-Cons, and Pro Controller support.

The official USK rating can be seen here.

As Risk of Rain 2 is not officially announced for the Switch, which would have been something to mention after their Scorched Acres update which will be coming out on June 25th. The update is set to add a new level, new character, and some new items for our space heroes to wear on their journey to get home.

As all leaks come forth, this should be taken with a grain of salt, but Risk of Rain 2 seems already perfect for the Switch and releasing on the platform will make things better overall.

For more information about Risk of Rain 2, check out here.

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