Risk of Rain 2 Tops 1 Million Players
Risk of Rain 2 Tops 1 Million Players

Risk Of Rain 2 Tops 1 Million Players In Just Over A Month

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Hopoo Games has announced that their latest Early Access title, Risk of Rain 2, has hit 1 million users. With the game releasing on March 28, 2019, that’s just over a month’s time to hit the number that took the original Risk of Rain title almost five years to hit. The game was also reported to hit 650K players within the first week of release. That’s pretty impressive for the two-man studio.

Check out the announcement from the developers via the game’s Steam page:

“First off, we are very excited to announce that Risk of Rain 2 passed over 1 million sales on Steam alone in a month since our Early Access launch! To give you guys a little bit of context, it took us almost 5 years to hit that same number on Steam for Risk of Rain 1. We are excited to see how many of you are jumping into RoR 2. Thank you all so much – we feel very lucky.”

Risk of Rain 2 has seen plenty of support, including the most recent update which introduced new bosses, characters and stages to the mix, further adding to the game’s tremendous success. While the co-op friendly roguelike is at an incredibly low price of $20 for the Early Access period, Hopoo Games has revealed that they still plan on keeping the game in the Early Access stage until 2020.

Stay tuned for more update announcements to hit the impressive sequel as it sees continuous support and development form Hopoo Games in the future. Risk of Rain 2 is currently available for the PC via Steam.

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