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Uppers ‘Upper Rush’ and ‘Pole Action’ Gameplay Videos

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Uppers ‘Upper Rush’ and ‘Pole Action’ Gameplay Videos

Marvelous has released two new Uppers short gameplay videos introducing the game’s “Upper Rush” and “Pole Action” gameplay systems.

Players will battle against enemies in phantasmagorical fighting action. Attacks will automatically change based on the enemy’s position and posture. You can mercilessly attack enemies while they’re flying and falling, and unleash combos through repeated button hits.

The PS Vita beat ’em up game is due out on July 14 in Japan. Two demos are currently available in Japan. If you download either, you’ll be eligible for 500 yen off the download version of Uppers when it launches.

PS Vita beat ’em up due out July 14 in Japan.

Check out the Trailers:

Upper Rush

Pole Action

“Uppers — made by the same producer from the Senran Kagura series — takes place on an island that practically worships the barbaric nature of fighting. There are no rules and your surroundings can be used as an advantage, all while groups of schoolgirls cheer you on and build up your momentum.”

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