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Unreal Engine Adds Support For NVIDIA RTX’s Ray Tracing Support

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Unreal Engine Adds Support For NVIDIA RTX’s Ray Tracing Support

NVDIA announced at CES 2019 the latest update in the GeForce  line of cards, the RTX, a graphics cards, powered by the NVIDIA Turing architecture, this architecture uses together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading.

All this sounds great, but in reality there aren’t many games that support all of this, apart from Battefield V and Metro Exodus that uses ray tracing there isn’t enough support for this new tech. But all this will change as Unreal Engine now supports ray tracing technologies.

Games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Gears 5, and Shenmue III to name a few will use Real- Tme Ray Tracing and Path Tracing technologies which will give it a clear advantage while using a NVIDIA Card.

Take a look at this video down below:

Real-Time Ray Tracing and Path Tracing (Early Access)

Added ray tracing low level support:

Implemented a low level layer on top of UE DirectX 12 that provides support for DXR and allows creating and using ray tracing shaders (ray generation shaders, hit shaders, etc) to add ray tracing effects.
Added high-level ray tracing features:

Rect area lights
Soft shadows
Reflected shadows
Ambient occlusion
RTGI (real time global illumination)
Geometry types: Triangle meshes, Static, Skeletal (Morph targets & Skin cache), Niagara particles support
Texture LOD
Shadows, Reflections, AO
Path Tracert
Unbiased, full GI path tracer for making ground truth reference renders inside UE4

Source: – WCCFTECH

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