Unity Engine Real-Time Tech Demo ‘Adam’ Full Film

Unity Engine Real-Time Tech Demo ‘Adam’ Full Film

Unity’s demo team has been secretly working on a short film that’s created entirely in the next version of the company’s engine and it’s incredible.

The result is ADAM, a film rendered in real-time using Unity 5.4 that leverages CaronteFX’s physics simulation tool, which somewhat resembles ‘The Matrix.’

If you’re thinking, how much power it takes to make something this stunning in real-time?, you might be surprised. The team used an Octacore Intel Core i7 with just a single GTX 980 at 1440p.

Check out the Tech-Demo:

“This trailer is a real-time render, meaning it is “drawn” on the fly, instead of being processed beforehand. Games are rendered in real-time as they are played, while animated movies are not. The point of these displays is to show off the technical prowess of a game engine and its ability to process the incredibly high quality imagery.

This was pulled off in a beta version of  Unity 5.4 using a simulation tool called CaronteFX to make it look so good. If that isn’t impressive enough, it runs at a resolution of 2 560 x 1 440 on a NVIDIA GTX 980.

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